The Beginning

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The Beginning

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 14, 2015 3:39 pm

For over a decade, the current law enforcers - known as the Whitehoods due to their apparel - have become corrupt in their divine mission. Their holy agenda now a twisted joke among the people. Lately, the criminal outcasts known as Blackhoods (due to their punishment upon conviction - having a black hood seen into their skin)!have started to become complacent, knowing that if they got into any trouble, bribing a Whitehood was all it took.

However, a recent rebellion has sparked a change in the land. A militia force has begun to show the people that good shall triumph. This new army has named themselves the Redhoods.

Their are six different races in this medieval world
Elves - tall, slender creatures that are able to hone their wild nature to control their weapons. However, their abilities are limited, so they can only specialise in one skill
Minotaurs - huge horned creatures with the posture of a man, and the raw strength of a bull. They live in the frozen mountain and can survive in any climate, despite being of slightly lower intelligence
Humans - self explanatory
Spirits - elusive creatures that, though it doesn't take much to incapacitate them, cannot be entirely destroyed. When a good hearted person dies, their fatal flaw becomes the main part of their life as a spirit (eg. Bloodthirsty man = peaceful spirit)
Druids - essentially humans but with access to a great power known as the Schol. They aren't fighters, but have infinite knowledge and telepathic powers
Farseer - again, a lot like humans but with the ability to see into the future. Years ago, there was a genocide ordered by the Whitehoods, so they are few in number, yet they still live


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